pcod problems

facing pcod/pcos


facing pcod/pcos


What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS/PCOD)?

pcod problems treatment

PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disorder) also known as PCOD (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is a common hormonal disorder experienced by almost 5-10% women each year during their reproductive years that is 12-45 years of age. The number of women with PCOD problem is increasing at an alarming rate and is surely a matter of concern. Hormones secretion plays an extremely crucial role in our development, slight imbalance in which is not affordable.

Causes of PCOD ?

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PCOD/PCOS symptoms ?

Common symptoms of PCOD/PCOS problems include:

  • Skin inflammation or acne: excessive male hormone makes the skin oilier which leads to inflammation and its most common form that is acne can be witnessed.
  • Weight gain and inconvenience getting thinner: majority of women suffering from PCOD problem witness weight gain or obesity.
  • Hirsutism: The symptom is hirsutism which means the growth of additional hair on the face and body. Frequently ladies get thicker, more obscure beard growth and more hair on the chest, paunch, and back.
  • Hair loss: Diminishing hair on the scalp or baldness
  • Irregular or Unpredictable periods: majority of ladies with PCOS problem have less than nine periods every year. A few ladies even have no periods others have substantial dying
  • Infertility or Ripeness issues. Numerous ladies who experience PCOS problems experience issues getting pregnant (fruitlessness)
  • Gloom
  • Hyperpigmentation: darkened patches, spots or lines can be seen on various spots like neck, groin, and under the breast.
  • Excessive bleeding: due to missed periods the uterine linings stays for long and thus when periods occur it generally lasts for about 21 days with heavy bleeding.
  • Depression, headaches and anxiety also occurs due to the suddenly triggered hormone level
  • Examinations like glucose assessment, thyroid chemical tests, ultrasound of the mid-region and pelvis are finished. Once in a while serum androgens, luteinising chemical and other chemical assessments might be requested


When to see a Doctor?

The alarming rise in PCOD/PCOS problems and it require our urgent attention. We should consult the doctor as soon as we recognize any of the PCOD symptoms. These symptoms could be unclear and indistinct at its early stage but some tests and observations could make it clear for you. The sooner you recognize the doctor the better it will be to treat the PCOD problems. To know the status and exact stage of when to get an expert consultation is when you at least witness 2 of the 3 below mentioned.. read more

Treatment for PCOD/PCOS

pcod problem treatment


Vedas cure is a revolution in the medical field and from the name itself it signifies how the Vedas can cure. It is an Ayurveda inspired initiative which is providing natural and gentle cure against this disorder since last 40 years. It aims at providing its curing help to everyone through its uniquely developed herbal formulations. These formulations are AYUSH certified and purely natural which ensure the effective cure without any side effect.

PCOD is a hormonal disorder which is best to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Since one root cause of PCOD cannot be identified so it can be cured only by curing the problems associated with it. Having an altogether separate treatment for every symptom is also problematic as it could lead to several side effects and puts a weight on pockets too. This makes it important to look for such a treatment option which is effective enough to cure the PCOD problems without any side effect.


facing pcod/pcos

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