The alarming rise in PCOD/PCOS problems and require our urgent attention. We should consult the doctor as soon as we recognize any of the PCOD symptoms. These symptoms could be unclear and indistinct at their early stage but some tests and observations could make it clear for you. The sooner you recognize the doctor the better it will be to treat the PCOD problems. To know the status and exact stage of when to get an expert consultation is when you at least witness 2 of the 3 below-mentioned symptoms.

  • Having irregular periods like really long periods with excessive bleeding, fewer than usual, or having no periods due to interruption in the process of ovulation. Generally, when the eggs are not duly released, the uterine walls don’t fall off on time which marks the absence of periods which take place later and the one suffering experience heavy and long periods.
  • Witnessing signs of increased male hormone that is an androgen. The increased amount of androgen could lead to the problems like hirsutism in which unnecessary hard hair growth can be seen on the face mainly around upper lips and chin, chest, armpits, and other places where men have hair. Not only growth one can witness men’s pattern of even hair loss in which the hair could get thinner or even baldness. Apart from this, the male hormone turns our skin oilier leading to increased acne problems. Other skin problems like darkened skin tone, dark patches, or lines around the neck and under the breast could also be a sign.
  • Unreleased eggs during the disrupted ovulation in the ovaries start turning into cysts. The formation of cysts is normally not always due to PCOS as thyroid and other diseases could also lead to the formation of cysts. But if the number of no cysts is 12 or more than 12 then it is a sign of danger and it could be possibly due to PCOD/PCOS.

If any two of the above-mentioned reasons persist in your body then there is a strong possibility of you having the PCOD problem. If it is ignored and left untreated or undiagnosed then this disorder has the capability of turning the conditions severe later. It could become the reason for several diseases like ovarian cancer and it does create numerous problems while conceiving. Many times it could lead to miscarriage or infertility. Thus if you witness any such symptom then you are advised to consult a doctor and take expert advice from whom you are comfortable enough to discuss your problem as soon as possible.

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